Thursday, December 3, 2009

Daing na Bangus, Fried Baby Potatoes and Adobong Mixed Veggies

I was planning to make some Chicken Adobo today but when I opened the freezer, I saw my Bangus and my mouth immediately watered so I figured, I'm gonna have some fried bangus today! I think the trick is to heat my pan on strong fire, pour some olive oil and let the oil heat up too. While I let this happen, I dried my Bangus with a tissue, dashed both sides with pepper and salt then fried it on my heated pan, 5 minutes each side.

I then prepared my veggies --- sliced an onion, several pieces of garlic, a piece of bell pepper, tomato, some cucumber and carrots. I sliced some baby potatoes too (unpeeled). I set them aside. Once my Bangus was quite well done (yes, I like it quite sunog), I took it out of the pan. I then put my sliced potatoes on the pan using the same oil that was left. I let my babies burn in there for a while. I again dashed a bit of pepper and salt to taste. When they were pretty much done, I took them out and placed them next to my Bangus.

With a little oil left on my pan, I put all the other sliced veggies, dashed a bit of pepper and salt, sauteed them for a while then I added soy sauce and vinegar. I added more pepper. I let it simmer. After about 5 minutes, it was smelling so good and ready to eat.

Bon appetit!

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