Sunday, December 20, 2009

Delectable Cakes of Cake2Go

Just this Saturday, my hubby and I splurged a bit on cakes. We passed by a branch of Cake2Go which according to one of my friends, has the best cakes she has ever tasted. I remembered what she said and got curious. So we parked the car and went inside the cake store. I fell in love with six flavors right on first sight so we ordered a slice of each just to see which one/ones I would like best later on. Here are what we ordered from the one I least liked to the one I liked best:

Chocoholic Fudge Cake
I was a bit disappointed with this one that's why it's the least one I liked. Though it tasted chocolatey enough, the cake itself lacked moisture, it felt like bread on my mouth.

Nestle's Crunch Cake
Nestle Crunch has got to be my most favorite chocolate ever. I will never get tired of eating bars after bars of of it. So I had high expectations for the cake. The frosting tasted good enough and the cake itself was a bit moist. Unfortunately, due to my high expectations, I'd rather have the chocolate than the cake.

Turtle Pie
I found out that this one has to be eaten while it's still fresh out of the fridge. Otherwise, if I let it sit on the table for so long, it starts to melt. The Turtle Pie is made up of chocolate mousse with dark chocolate on top and a chocolate cookie at the bottom. It was flavourful and very moist. It almost tasted like batter of chocolate pancakes I used to make before. Not bad, I think.

Toblerone Overload
I am a Toblerone lover. So when I saw this cake, I immediately ordered a slice of it. And I wasn't disappointed at all. It had the right combination of chocolate sweetness and bitterness. It was so decadent I am considering ordering a whole cake of this for the holidays.

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake
Oh my GOD!!! This has got to be the best Dulce De Leche Cheesecake I've ever tasted in my entire life! It had the right amount of sweetness and cheesiness to it that I kept coming back for more. It was moist and soooo delicious! I will order a whole cake of this for Christmas!

Sans Rival
Since I was a kid, I have always been a loyal fan of sans rival. It doesn't matter what the brand is, they usually taste the same to me --- luscious and gratifying. But when I had a bite of Cake2Go's sans rival, oh my lord, it was so perfect! Crunchy and soft at the same time... Sweet yet not so much. It was the first slice of cake that my hubby and I finished. ^_^


  1. The nestle crunch cake looks yummy :)

  2. reviews like this encouraged me to try cake2go last last.

    tragically, what i got was a moldy slice of sugar-free apple pie that turned out to be 2 weeks past its expiration date.

    pics here:

  3. Hi Junby,

    This is so bad. Did you report this to them? I buy my cakes from Caka2Go's Paranaque branch in Aguirre. I must've bought more than a dozen boxes of cakes already. I either buy direct or have my cake delivered since I live in Alabang. My most recent purchase was a whole box of apple pie. So far, I am satisfied naman, no amag whatsoever. Nireklamo mo sana sa kanila. Baka oversight lang ng staff. Hope this doesn't happen to me.



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