Sunday, April 10, 2011

Grams Diner

A few nights ago, I found myself too engrossed with sleeping that I neglected another wonderfully pleasurable activity, eating. It was close to midnight and I was famished. So got dressed, hopped into the car and drove off, uncertain where my hunger fueled jaunt would take me.

Soon enough, I found myself at Gram's Diner at the Molito Complex here in Alabang. I have eaten at Grams before a long time ago and I no longer remember which branch it was or whether I enjoyed the food or not. Still, the place looked inviting so I went inside to check out their menu.

Although I have a top five list of the best burgers to be found in the metro (a list that I will feature here as soon as I can), I'm always on the lookout for great burgers. Sadly, since being so horribly disappointed by the burgers from Crave Burger, it's been quite a while since I tried a burger that wasn't on my list. I'm not sure if it was because I was so hungry or if it was because I was in a diner or a combination of both but I decided to give Grams burgers a try. I splurged a little bit and opted to get the Steak Burger, made with a half pound of ground prime cut beef. I had mine done medium well. And. It. Was. GLORIOUS! It was only lightly seasoned but it was the easily one of the most wonderfully flavorful, perfectly juicy burgers I've ever had. I quickly edited my top five burger's list in my head, sending the Club Panoly Punta Bunga burger down to number six. At the moment I'm uncertain what spot Grams Steak Burger is on my list. It seems I need to do an actual side by side comparison with the burger from Apartment 1B which is currently at number one.

I took things a step over the top and also ordered the Steak and Queso fries as a side dish. It isn't really a side dish as it can easily be a full meal on it's own. It's a huge plateful of thick cut fries, smothered in cheese sauce and gravy and topped with a huge serving of thinly sliced roast beef. This by itself would have been worth a trip to Grams. That said, there's a lot of things on their menu I'm really interested on trying out. Every one of waitstaff was also pleasantly friendly and service was prompt and efficient. I'm certainly going to schedule a trip back as soon as my circulatory system recovers.
For more information about Grams Diner, you can visit their website or Like them over on Facebook.


  1. Their ice cream is also to die for :) I love the creamy consistency :)

  2. I ate there yesterday! Devilish BBQ was a thumbs-up!

  3. i wanna try. they have a new branch in the fort



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