Thursday, April 14, 2011

La Carmela de Boracay Dinner Buffet

I'm on my 20th night here in Boracay. For three days now, I've been trying to have what I've been craving for --- sinigang na baboy & chicken barbecue at Andok's, moist chocolate cake & crinkles at Budgetmart. But every time I'd thought of finally going there, something always came up. Either I was full, I was tired or I just wanted to swim and snorkel all day and rest at night. But tonight, I was really raring to go.

On my way there, I passed by a couple of dinner buffet offerings like Bamboo Bar's dinner buffet for only Php250. But since I've already eaten there four times, I went ahead.

Then this sign of La Carmela de Boracay's international dinner buffet with vegetable mongolian and bottomless iced tea caught my attention. And it's only for Php270.00!!! I always pass by La Carmela but I never really gave their buffet much thought until tonight! I actually thought it was just for their checked-in guests. I was wrong!

The place was packed with local tourists and guests. There was nowhere else for me to sit...

...until a waitress and a waiter told me that I can have a table inside their Sir Boy Barbeque cafe inside the resort. Awesome.

For only Php270.00, this dinner buffet at La Carmela de Boracay was really worth it. I had a chicken dish, a beef dish, a pork dish, vegetable salad, cheese sticks, bread and butter, shells, fish, soup, rice, vegetable mongolian, cakes, fruit salad and bottomless iced tea. I wasn't able to finish everything but I went home very full.

I highly recommend it! I'll bring Peter here next time.

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