Monday, May 2, 2011

Boracay Tree House Resort and Bar

I kind of have a love-hate relationship with Tree House in Boracay. This resort and bar was recommended to me by Lissa. She said that it's one of the best pizza places on the island aside from Da Mario which is also owned by the same person who owns Tree House.

The first time I ate here, I ordered seafood pizza. I didn't like it that much. For me, it was bland and needed a lot of salt, pepper and ketchup just so it can taste the way I wanted it to taste. I only ate a few slices and gave the rest of my order to Ate Ella, my landlady in Bonueva Homes where I stayed for a month in Boracay.

Then I thought, perhaps, I should order something else the next time I go here. The place is nice with all its Filipino native design and it has a nook upstairs perfect for a more intimate bonding.

So I promised myself I'd bring Peter here, which was what I actually did the moment Peter arrived.

The second time around, we ordered Pizza House and Marinara Pasta. For drinks, Peter got Cranberry juice and I had Mocha shake. OMG! Both the pizza and pasta tasted oh so delicious this time around!
We finished everything in one sitting and we actually fell asleep for almost an hour after that. Well, who wouldn't? Just look at this view.

With the summer breeze in the air and a nice view like that, you would really fall to slumber especially after having a plateful of their yummy pasta and pizza. *burp*

Be sure to go to Treehouse when you come to Boracay. It's located along Angol Beach near Red Pirates and Da Mario. Bon appetit!

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  1. Hi Jen!! Maybe masarap ang food because Peter is with you to enjoy it! hehehehe :)

  2. Might just have tasted better the second time around since you were sharing the meal with your hubby :-)

  3. Hi Kristine! Hi Boobydee! Maybe you're both right. But do try the seafood pizza yourself when you go to Tree House in Boracay. For me, it really was bland. I should've just ordered something tomato-based the first time around. :-)

  4. great post :)
    I really love the tree house.
    Thanks for sharing this to us.



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