Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Casa Pilar @ Boracay

Casa Pilar is one of those food places that I should come back to next time I go to Boracay. It was a hot afternoon and I was looking for some free wifi connection. I saw some people using their laptops at Casa Pilar so I went in. I plugged my pc and ordered some food. I noticed they offer a lot of Spanish and Filipino dishes. I got chicken afritada and oh my Lord... it's one of the most scrumptious and tasty afritadas I've tasted so far. You see, I'm a Filipino food lover at heart even if I also love to eat other types of cuisines. That particular day that I ordered my dish, I was so hungry that I actually ate an entire plate of chicken afritada good for 2-3 people. Ooops! Teehee. ^_^ It was that good.

As for the wifi, it's not free. I had to pay Php100 in order to get connected. Oh well. At least the food was good! For my dish plus rice, I paid php230.00. It's more than what I was hoping for but I guess it was worth it. ^_^

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