Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Boracay Nomnoms and Gluglug (Aria, Luna Rossa, Calypso, Gelato, Cornetto, Arwana)

Living on an expensive island like Boracay, I couldn't afford to have buffet or fine dining all the time. On several occasions, I just actually hung out at my favorite carenderia in front of the beach and ordered my favorite Filipino dishes at Php35.00 each. When I felt like I needed to gain some weight coz perhaps I was exerting too much effort from walking the four kilometer stretch of the white sand beach almost every day, then I'd pig out in one of Boracay's afforable buffets. At other times, I'd eat pizza in one of Boracay's best pizza places, Tree House, and there was that one time I ordered yummy Chicken Afritada at Casa Pilar.

On this post, I'd like to share with you my other food experiences in Boracay so in case you still haven't visited this beautiful island, you would at least know what to expect and you can prepare your budget for it.

This restaurant is located at D'Mall. They serve delicious Italian food like pizza and pasta. They were all yummy by the way. Well, they should be since I consider the prices a bit steep, ranging from Php300- Php600 per dish.

Luna Rossa
I was craving for pizza one afternoon and I was looking for free wifi as well. I've been walking for about 5 minutes already from Bonueva Guesthouse (where I stayed in Boracay for 33 days) when I chanced upon a spacious pizza diner. There were no customers but there was free wifi. So I ordered pepperoni pizza and coke. The pizza tasted a bit bland. Anyway, I just added some salt and pepper and it tasted quite alright after. The pizza was around Php350.00.

I was feeling a bit festive one afternoon. The sun was about to set and it would still be a long walk from station 3 to Angol beach. When I saw Calypso, with its cozy ambiance and with its sign 5-7 pm HAPPY HOUR, my eyes wandered to the menu and Margarita Blue for only Php75.00 caught my attention. In fairness, their Margarita Blue was very strong. I think after one glass, I already got a bit tipsy! *hic!*

I only tried this once since it costs Php100 per 2 scoops. Honestly, I don't think it's any more special than a regular ice cream like Selecta Cofee Crumble which is my favorite by the way. So, just to be able to try it, I ordered one scoop of cappuccino and one scoop of mint. ^_^

Whether I'm just lying down under the coconut trees, or snorkeling in the middle of the sea, as long as I see one of the locals shouting "Ice Cream!", I'd buy one cornetto. I usually get the caramel flavored one. For Php50.00 (but if I buy it at a Selecta outlet, it only costs Php35.00), I think it's worth it!

This si where I probably had the strongest Caipirinha at only Php25.00 each! Their happy hour is long, starting from 2 in the afternoon all the way to 8 at night! Whew! I ordered two glasses but halfway through my first glass, I already got tipsy and fell asleep. ^_^

Til my next Boracay nomnom post! Bon appetit!

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