Thursday, May 19, 2011

Zucchero Cafe de Boracay

Zucchero Cafe de Boracay is a nice and simple coffee shop which also serves good pasta dishes at affordable prices. The facade is not that interesting, albeit quaint. I usually would usually pass by this place whenever I walked from Angol beach to Station 2. It's along Station 3 beside some tiangge stalls.

One night, I was craving for some pasta. I didn't want to go to Andok's despite the fact that their 33 peso spaghetti is really such a hit. I wanted real Italian pasta but I wanted something that is not so expensive. That's when I saw Zucchero Cafe de Boracay. At first I thought they were just offering coffee and pastries. Then I noticed that they also serve pasta dishes for only Php110-150. I ordered Bolognese pasta which came with a piece of toasted garlic bread. It was delicious! The tomato sauce they used plus the meatballs did taste exquisite. I had a whole plate of Bolognese pasta and it was very filling!

The next time I went to Zucchero Cafe de Boracay, Peter was already with me. We just attended the Smart LTE Launch Party at that time and I was already feeling a bit tired and sleepy.

We were both craving for affordable gourmet coffee that particular night when I suggested to Peter that we try their coffee. After all, we wanted to greet Easter Sunday at that time wide awake!

I had Cold Americano while Peter had Cold Cappuccino. They're not as expensive as Starbucks but it's very flavorful and tasty! Glugluglug.... Loved it!

Do check out Zucchero Cafe de Boracay when you visit the island. Try not to order their brownie coz that's the only thing so far that we didn't like in there. Bon appetit! ^_^


  1. Their food sounds yummy. Is this where Benito's Caffe used to be? Is it beside Deja Vu? Thanks.

  2. Hi, sorry, we didn't ask about the history of this place and I can't remember anymore if Deja Vu is beside this cafe. Teehee.



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