Friday, May 20, 2011

Stop Over @ Caliraya

After windsurfing all afternoon last Saturday, we stopped by our usual eating place called Stop Over. It's just a few meters after Surf Kamp (if you're on the way back to Manila). What we liked about Stop Over after all these years is that it's always breezy in there, plus we get a view of the Caliraya Lake.

However, that particular late Saturday afternoon, we noticed that it's not as cozy anymore. Some chairs and tables were missing and there was no one there to take our orders. Then one lady approached us. Apparently, a bigger, newer, a lot cozier branch recently opened a few kilometers from its original location. It was the nice big cottage we passed by that morning! Awesome!
When we got there, we noticed that beside the main restaurant is a few more smaller cottages for intimate groups. Since nobody was there, we opted to eat in one of the open pavilions. It took some time for our food to get cooked so we were able to enjoy the fantastic view below.

Stop Over offers fantastic Filipino dishes. We were both so hungry since it was already 5pm and we haven't had anything to eat that day except for the cheeseburger from Jollibee we had that morning.

The chicken pork adobo was scrumptious. It had the perfect blend of vinegar, soy sauce, garlic and pepper. Yum!

Their pinakbet with its crunchy vegetables was just right. Perfect pair for our adobo!

We don't try to eat anywhere else when we go to Caliraya. Stop Over (so far) is the best! For everything we ordered (two cups of rice, a big plate of chicken pork adobo, a big plate of pinakbet and 1.5 liter coke), we just paid Php410. Not bad at all! Now, I'm hungry.

Bon appetit!

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