Friday, May 27, 2011

Magalawa Island Food Fiesta

When we went to Magalawa Island last weekend, my hubby and I were expecting a feast just like the one we got at Cagbalete island when Koryn first organized a trip for us. Since we availed the food package at Magalawa island, we were indeed offered some kind of Filipino food fiesta!

There were times, we weren't able to take photos of the food anymore because of hunger and how inviting the food was. Here are two food photos though that we were able to take before we ate them all.

If you avail Magalawa Island's food package, you don't have to worry about your lunch, snack, dinner, breakfast and lunch again the next day. They will serve you 2-3 dishes per meal, with rice, drinks and desserts. All the Filipino dishes that were served on our table tasted great too!

For more info, please go to their facebook page:

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