Thursday, June 2, 2011

Korean Food @ Oh Ga Ne in Subic

After 2 days of swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling and beach bumming on Magalawa island, we passed by Subic Freeport before heading back to Manila. We were thinking of where to eat. Usually, when this happens, it takes a long while before our group comes up with a decision. In fact, we checked a lot of restaurants in the area but nothing enticed us.

Joan, being a KPop fanatic, naturally loves Korean food. We checked out one restaurant but the dishes were so expensive like Php400+ per meal. Ack! We went inside a smaller restaurant called Oh Ga Ne. The prices were more reasonable but the place was not very inviting... until I saw that it has a separate set up outside overlooking the beach! Perfect!

We let Joan order because we know nothing about Korean food. We had some bacons and overflowing lettuces, spicy vegetables and other greens (which I loved!), complimentary soup to die for, some kind of scrumptious beef stew and the Sotanghon-like noodles which are way better than all the Sotanghon I've ever tasted.

Wow! I couldn't believe it! I was falling in love with Korean food! Sooo yummy! Peter and I should go try more Korean dishes next time and I hope they'd be as good as these treats.

One more thing, I should try to memorize their names too. LOL. ^_^

Bon appetit!

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  1. i love korean food! hope you could drop by my blog too! :)



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