Sunday, June 12, 2011

9th Anniversary Dinner at Alba

Peter and I just had our 9th Wedding Anniversary recently and we celebrated it the day after, when Peter was feeling a little bit better. He was sick for one week and couldn't even get up to eat. I had to prepare all his meals all the time, made sure he was taking his medicines, and checked his temperature regularly. I was happy to serve him but I guess it was also slowly taking its toll on me.

Anyway, I wasn't sure then if we were to celebrate our anniversary. I didn't want to pressure him and I wasn't expecting anything, except for him to get better and get back on his feet. So I was happily surprised when he had the energy to dine out of the house. Perhaps he was getting tired of all the vegetable dishes I was making him eat, haha.

We didn't go far. We just headed to Westgate in Alabang to see if there's any restaurant we'd like to try.

We checked out Kanin Club and Koreana but the ambiance didn't quite fit an anniversary setting. Kanin Club was too crowded and Koreana looked depressing. So when we went inside Alba, with its gorgeous curtains and red table linens, a string quartet playing Spanish songs at the corner, and the subdued lighting which gave it an intimate mood setting, we felt that it was the perfect place for us to dine that evening.

Tapas de embutidos

We ordered a rack of Tapas de embutidos, a bowl of Callos de Madrilena and 2 cups of rice. They were all so divine! The three kinds of tapas de embutidos were all deliciously prepared and went well with the complimentary bread and butter that they served each table. I was actually starting to feel full just before our main dish, the callos, arrived.

Callos de Madrilena

Peter and I enjoyed the food a lot. They were flavorful and more than enough for the two of us. We were thinking that the next time we go to Alba, we should try their other Spanish bread and rice dishes. Just thinking about them now makes me salivate here in my office.

Great job, Alba! 'Til our next dining experience at your place!

Bon appetit!

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