Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Delectable Eurotel Dishes

Remember that time Peter and I stayed in Eurotel after watching Harry Potter? Peter and I didn't have lunch nor dinner because of our hectic schedules and by the time we reached IMAX in SM North Edsa, the line of people was so long that the only food concessionaires were selling were popcorn and soft drinks. Peter and I decided that we'd just buy food after the movie and enjoy our meal somewhere nice.

But then the movie finished closed to 3 a.m. I just wanted to check-in to Eurotel thinking that the last time I checked, they offered a lot of scrumptious Filipino dishes which I really liked when I stayed in their Baguio branch.

To cut to the chase, we did order room service from Eurotel after we checked-in. We had their delectable Tilapia fish and chips, Adobong Chicken, Pakbet and Rice.

My God! I was so hungry that I almost ate everything. Of course, I shared the dishes with Peter. But I must've eaten way too fast too soon that my tummy started to ache. I guess it was worth it. I loved how crunchy the tilapia was and how yummy both the adobo and pakbet were. Everything just cost us about Php450.00. Not bad... not bad at all. I definitely recommend Eurotel food to those who want to experience affordable hotel living.

Bon appetit!

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