Monday, July 11, 2011

The Red Rice and Vegetable Diet

We originally made this blog to journal the food we make at home. But because of time constraint brought about by our busy work schedules, we ended up eating out more, or ordering food delivery or take out. Moreover, when we travel, we of course have no choice but to dine at a restaurant we like which we also share here (more to come on this after this post).

Lately though, Peter and I have fallen into our old routine of making our own food at home. This was due to the following factors:

1. We're not getting any younger and if we want to eat healthily in order to lose weight then we might as well start making our own food again.
2. Making our own food at home considerably brings down our food expenses.
3. We have complete control over what we want to eat.
4. Peter recently resigned from his job in order to set up his own digital PR/Advertising business. He's currently enjoying doing work from home half the time which means, if he doesn't want to keep eating what I make (mostly Adobong vegetables), then he has no choice but to start making dishes for us since he is the better cook anyway. ^_^

Below are some of the dishes Peter prepared the past week since we got back from our Cebu-Bohol-Siargao trip...

vegetable salad with cheese and citronella dressing + pâté on french bread

We now drink real fruit juices and concentrates. Peter loves cranberry and apple juices while I mix everything we have: carrot juice, tomato juice, cranberry juice, guava juice, and apple juice.

Bangus sisig with hard-boiled egg and grilled eggplant

We let go of white rice and are now consuming red rice instead. Red rice is unhulled unlike brown rice that is partially hulled. This means that red rice has more fiber content, has higher nutritional value and tastes better too (for me at least). It has a nutty flavor that I have started to love and crave for.

I also notice the following effects every time I eat red rice:
  • my stomach easily flattens than when I was still eating white rice
  • I feel full faster
  • I feel energetic rather than lethargic after lunch
  • I have more energy all throughout the day

vegetable salad with cheese and citronella dressing + pâté on french bread

Of course it helps that I also eat a lot of green leafy and other vegetables, plus we eat one egg a day to prevent cancer of the breast according to Reader's Digest; we eat fruits before breakfast (which according to research is good for digestion rather than eating fruits after meals), plus we make sure that we always drink our Vita Plus in the morning.

We hope to create more healthy dishes. I'm currently weighing 114 lbs. and I hope to bring that down to 100 lbs. at least. I shall start by eating healthily again. Cheers! ^_^


  1. Red rice is really healthy. I had problems with my tummy but thanks to the red rice my tummy doesn't get bloated anymore. However here in Norway they banned the selling of the red rice because red rice has a natural cholesterol absorbing effect. It affects the "cholesterol medicine" market, accdg. to the news. :(

  2. Awwww... that sounds unfair. Why prevent a natural cure to high cholesterol absorption? Just because of greed? This is sad. I hope you get to eat red rice again.



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