Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Baking My Eggplant Harvest

I shared with you before how I harvested my Kangkong, Okra and Sili and cooked them for lunch. It's my usual healthy meal at least once a day and I couldn't be prouder. Last week, I started harvesting  my eggplants and I've been baking them since. Frying them is also a good option but I try to limit my oil intake as much as possible. 

Here's how my black beauty eggplant looked like after I sliced them:

I sliced some carrots as well, dashed them with a bit of salt then popped them in the oven.

Here's how they looked like after 10 minutes in the oven:

My eggplants tasted quite sweet actually. Take note that it's very important to have the eggplant cooked very well especially its seeds. Otherwise, they may prove dangerous to your health (or so I read before in one of those health sites). If you're not accustomed to his kind of "semi-raw" cooking, you can lather some oil on your eggplant before baking or grilling them in the oven. Or you can resort to regular frying. Bon appetit!

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