Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Figaro New Dinner Meals

I'm so happy that Figaro is now introducing healthier meals! Hurray!

The answer to a healthy dinner is here. Figaro, the first Filipino coffee company believes your promise to a healthy start this year with new Dinner Meals to develop your plan to wellness. Introducing Chicken Rice Bake (P150), a cup of flavorful chicken, bell peppers, mushrooms, carrots, rice in creamy white sauce baked to perfection and topped with mozzarella cheese baste. A complete meal of meat and vegetables baked to perfection, Figaro's Chicken Rice Bake is the answer to move away from the oily fried dishes you promised to keep away this year. Be full without the guilt because Chicken Rice Bake is just a cup to regulate your cravings for more rice at 2012.  Paired with a cold glass of lemonade, Figaro's Chicken Rice Bake is the answer to complete you this year.

The answer to all vegans and the meaty without the meat meal is here as Figaro brings you Tofu Steak Rice (P150), sumptuous deep-fried Tofu glazed with special sauce, onions, topped with white sesame seeds on steamed rice garnished with parsley. Tofu, believed to have miraculous health benefits of providing a good source of protein, contains numerous other nutrients necessary for good health like helping you lower your cholesterol level and helping you avoid atherosclerosis or diabetic heart disease. It's also a very good source of iron, copper and manganese believed to aid in transporting and releasing the right amount of oxygen for the body. Tofu is the food to those who want to be buff as tofu will provides you enough protein to grow your muscles. A powerful antioxidant to the body, tofu contains selenium and Omega-3 fats to protect your heart.  It's the promise of a vegan meal to nourish you after a long day at the office. Have a meal without themeat with Figaro's Tofu Steak Rice paired with a complimentary cold glass of lemonade sure to make you vegan this year!

Never go hungry again with your diet with Figaro's Healthy Dinner Meals of Chicken Rice Bake and Tofu Steak Rice now available at all selected Figaro stores and outlets nationwide. It's the answer to your call to change for the good this year as Figaro continually believes in you.

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