Thursday, July 12, 2012

Xoi Vietnamese Kitchen @ SM Megamall

One late Saturday evening, I was waiting for Peter in Megamall. I was already quite hungry so I checked which restaurants were still open. I saw Xoi Vietnamese Kitchen still accepting dining guests and the menu looked interesting. I liked their vibrant Vietnamese wall design as well as the purple chairs and red tables. 

However, since the resto was already about to close, some of their dishes were no longer available. And since I was craving for some sort of a breakfast dish, when Peter got there, we both opted to order from their value meal options which consist of rice, fried egg and buttered vegetables. Each plate cost about Php149.00. 

Mine had a small bowl of Pho Bo or beef soup noodles while Peter had a similar plate but with liempo. 

I dunno if it was because the kitchen was already closing and these were just value meals but we both found the dishes too salty. Peter wasn't happy with the liempo too because the serving was really small compared to other value meals in other restaurants serving similar dishes. But anyway, we were both really hungry by the time the dishes were served so we still finished off everything . Next time, we should try their other Vietnamese dishes.

Xoi Vietnamese Kitchen is located at the 5th floor of Building A in SM Megamall, right across the Chapel.



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